Cast stone planters

CE mark Conforms to Harmonized EN Standard: I.S EN 206:2013+A2:2021

Cast stone planters suitable for residential and commercial properties and landscaping


Precast concrete planters are a popular choice for landscaping, urban design, and outdoor decoration. These planters are made from precast concrete, a versatile and durable material that can be shaped into a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. With their robust construction and attractive appearance, cast stone planters offer numerous benefits for both residential and commercial customers.

One of the key advantages of cast stone planters is their durability. Precast concrete is highly resistant to weather and wear, making it an ideal material for outdoor use. Whether exposed to the elements, vehicular traffic, or heavy use, cast stone planters are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and maintain their aesthetic appeal over time. Unlike other materials like plastic or fiberglass, cast stone planters are highly resistant to UV radiation and do not fade or deteriorate under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Finishes available:

  • Exposed aggregate polished finish (smooth)

Grinding and polishing draws out the fine sands and aggregates in the concrete to achieve a smooth and ‘speckled’ finish.

  • Exposed aggregate power washed finish (textured)

The ‘pebble dash’ textured effect is achieved by power washing to expose the stones in the concrete.

  • Built stone effect

These decorative planters have been designed to resemble the appearance of natural stone and colours.

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